Wonder Women 

Need Love Too!

The Wonder Women Need Love Too Series Includes:

  • WWNL2 Facebook group & social media platforms (IG, FB, TW)

  • WWNL2 Podcast

  • WWNL2 presents The Ladies First Chit-Chat Crew “ZoomVersation”

  • WWNL2 Events (workshops, summits, etc.)

WWNL2 Facebook Group

A private Facebook group that’s all about community, connection, love and support.

  • Social media platforms: Instagram and Twitter promotes community, connection and support; in addition to, being a funnel for the Wonder Women Need Love Too Series

  • Instagram & Twitter: @wonderwomenneedlovetoo  

  • Hashtags: #wonderwomenneedlovetoo; #wwnl2

WWNL2 Podcast

A radio-style platform where you hear the authentic stories, advice and the journey of fellow Wonder Women.  The topics run the gamut from living through a global pandemic; to what do I do with my hair when I work out?  


WWNL2 Presents

The Ladies First Chit-Chat Crew

A ZoomVersation

“Where We Honor the Voice of the Every Day Woman"

 Nikki Kimbrough 
 "The Host" 
We maintain a pulse on the issues and topics of the Every Day Woman.  Letting women know that they are heard; and, providing an interactive space for conversation, tools and resources to capitalize, address and work through the things that are on our minds. So, Are You Ready to Chit-Chat? Then Let’s Go!
 Edmee Cheridieu d'Alexis 
 Crystal James Goodwin 
 La Shell Wooten 
Chondra Profit Ardrey

WWNL2 Events

(workshops, summits, etc.)

Live events that include virtual and in-person workshops, summits, retreats and more that support the Wonder Women Need Love Too theme of women putting themselves first in the midst of it all.  The engaging events include premier speakers and instructors; fun workouts and activities; community and support.  With an emphasis on self-care, providing resources and tools and showing the importance of women loving themselves and feeling great physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and more.              

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